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This is one of the services provided by the Ministry of Justice where any person; Foreign or Descendants of Kiribati shall apply for I-Kiribati Citizenship.

Here are the checklist required upon registration.

  1. Completed form (Form of application for registration – Foreign or Kiribati Descent)
  2. Request letter showing intention to be registered as a citizen of Kiribati/citizen in doubt
  3. A birth certificate from country of citizenship for the principal applicant (shall be at least 18 years of age at the time of application)
  4. Certified birth certificate of spouse, children, and dependents (Please kindly note that if children have reached the age of 18, they should apply separately; each person over 18 years old should lodge in an application individually)
  5. Certified marriage certificate (if married)
  6. A statutory declaration from people over 18 years of age close family
  7. Certified birth certificates of father and grandfather of applicant
  8. Bio-data page of passport previously issued from other countries of citizenship

Should further clarification required, please contact us using the contact info provided here

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