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Citizenship application forms

  • CHECKLIST(For those applying I-Kiribati Citizenship)
  • NATURALIZATION(For Foreigners applying for I-Kiribati Citizenship)
  • REGISTRATION(For Kiribati Descendant entitled to be registered as I-Kiribati Citizen)
  • RENUNCIATION(Declaration of Renunciation of citizenship of a country other than Kiribati)

National Identification Card

  • National Identity Act 2018¬†
  • Application Form (If you are filling in the form prior to visiting MOJ then you are required to leave out the Fingerprints, Signature and Photo sections. MOJ staff will assist you with this).
  • Application Form Online (To avoid the spread of Corona Virus, MOJ does not encourage people to visit the office but will now use this e-form. After filling it in please send it to this email address nic@justice.gov.ki along with your photo and signature).



Kiribati National Election 2020



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