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“To provide Government support and technical assistance in respecting, promoting and fulfilling Human Rights in Kiribati”

The Human Rights Division does not have a law to support its independence. However, the Ministry of Justice is very much committed to see that this office continues to focus on human rights without any reservations. The division is currently comprised of the Principal Human Rights Officer who is the Head of Department, the Country Focal Officer, and 3 Human Rights Officers. The placement of the Country Focal Officer position seconded under The Pacific Community(SPC) & the Kiribati Government stipulated under the memorandum of understanding mutually agreed annually between the two parties. The position acts as technical and coordination advisor to RRRT in-country programs and is based within the division

The Division is mandated to oversee implementation, reporting, and monitoring pertaining to international obligations under the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and Human Right Treaties that Kiribati has ratified. Thus the scope of the work of the Division focus on accomplishing these international obligations by providing government support and technical assistance in respecting, promoting and fulfilling of Human Rights in Kiribati. The Division also aims at the foundation of government, ensuring that good governance and accountability are achieved based on human rights standards and approach at all leadership levels resulting in national development.

An existing Memorandum of Agreement between Kiribati Government and SPC-RRRT dictates most if not all the deals at regional level under SPC key social development guidelines and mandates. Practice over the past decades revealed that the Unit has established close relationship with the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights(OHCHR) on matters of United Nations (UN) related international compliance.

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