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The Office of the Registrar General of Birth, Death and Marriage is responsible for the administration of the Birth, Death and Marriage Ordinance (CAP. 5). Section 3 provides for the appointment of the Registrar General.

The said office is well recognized as the Civil Registration Office. As the name illustrates, it is responsible for the registration of birth, death and marriage.

The division's data data is very significant for Government’s initiative of National Identification Card to be issued and legalized. National ID card is anticipated to assist in minimizing the hurdles faced with election, records of citizenship, under age issues and many more.

Why do I need a birth Certificate?

It’s very important for the future of the child. The child can enroll in school, apply for;

  • Jobs (within Kiribati & overseas), vote
  • scholarship to study abroad
  • Bank Accounts, Loans, claims for birth-rights properties
  • passport & government-issued ID cards
Why do I need a death certificate?
  • To inherit property – land ownership, deceased funds, compensation
  • To apply for re-marriage
  • To apply for student tuition fee

Cause of death in the death certificate needs to be clear and defined.

Why do I need a marriage certificate?
  • To apply for jobs in case of surname adoption
  • For legal rights as husband/wife bondage
  • To apply for claims on husband/wife allowance

If your child had not been registered at birth, what should you do?

If it is beyond 12 months after birth and your child had not been registered, you can still register through the Late Birth Registration process. This is usually done at our office in Bairiki for those on South Tarawa. For outer islands, it is done by the ASWO at the Island Council office.

This also applies to those who have been awarded a Kiribati Citizenship.

How can I get a birth certificate?

If you give birth at Nawerewere (Tungaru Central Hospital) or at Betio Hospital, Good Job. The civil registration officer responsible for birth notification will assist in producing and issuing out your child’s first birth certificate.

For those who give birth on outer islands, the nurse on each island shall assist you in filling out the birth notification and the responsible parents (mother/father) then give the provided birth notification to the ASWO where your child’s birth certificate will be produced and issued out.

For those who give birth outside hospitals or without a nurse assistance, please notify a nurse or a nearby hospitals/clinics for assistance in registering your child with the Civil Registration Office.

If  you are not sure whether you have a birth certificate with us, we encourage you to come to the office and seek assistance on this matter.

You want to adopt a child and issue her/his birth certificate?

The civil registration office wishes to inform all adoptive parents that the child birth certificate should always remain under natural parents name and has to be attached with adoption order, a legal document obtained from the Magistrate Court of the Republic of Kiribati as part of the Adoption process. The purpose of the adoption order is to state the adoptive parents as legal parents of the adopted child.

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